The Year of the Water Tiger 2022

The year of the Water Tiger 2022 begins on the 4th of February, also known as the Arrival of Spring in the Chinese Solar calendar. The Chinese New Year celebrations are always celebrated on the New Moon closest to the 4th of February and this year it was celebrated on the 1st of February 2022.

Happy Chinese New Year to you all – Gong Xi Fa Cai.


The Year of the Metal Ox has finally exited with the month of January doubling up its energies, bringing in another Yin Metal Ox month (see January’s newsletter), so if you are feeling the intense energy of the last year all in one month, then you will certainly be feeling the Water Tiger energy which begins on the 4th of February at 4:52 am.

The day the year begins is Yang Earth on a Rat, the Month and Year are doubled  up with Yang Water on a Wood Tiger and, the hour is Yang Wood on the Tiger.

The day the year begins is strong YANG energy. Yang is masculine, strong, fast, intense, authoritarian, expansive, active, direct, just a few adjectives to describe its energy.

Therefore, this Yang Water energy in the year is like an ocean, angry waters, or a tsunami. This Yang Water is forceful, driven, determine, persuasive, secretive, intuitive, intelligent, full of wisdom and has leadership qualities.

Famous people born on a Yang Water Day are, Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Princess Kate, Prince Harry, Paul Macartney, Katie Perry, Anthony Hopkins, Kamala Harris & Emmanuel Macron.

The Wood Tiger is charming, ambitious, authoritative, stubborn, moody and courageous. Can you tame this tiger? Only with perseverance and patience, but as the day the year begins is all Yang, I’m going to say, probably not.

On a deeper level, hidden in the Tiger is Yang Earth, Yang Wood and Yang Fire. The only Yin in the year is hidden in the Rat, which is Yin Water.

This Yang Water energy will force its way through anything, just like a flood or tsunami, indicating that we may experience such natural disasters. When we look back in history to the Water Tiger years, we experienced natural disasters in 1962 in Barcelona, in Germany’s North Sea mainly Hamburg, where hundreds of lives were lost. As water is considered a cold element in Chinese Metaphysics, in 1962, there was also the ‘Big Freeze’ in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and New England. This year thus far, we have seen unexpected heavy snow fall in Greece, Turkey, Jerusalem Germany, Poland and eastern parts of the United Sates which hasn’t seem to subside.

We can only use history as a guideline to predict what may occur this year. The solar calendar has a repeated energy every 60 years; therefore, we may experience such natural disasters this year.

In Chinese Astrology or BaZi the day you are born gives us an indication of what qualities you are born with, in that same manner I will be using the year the day begins to explain my interpretation for the year ahead. Please keep in mind there is always fate and free will when analysing a chart.

The day the year begins is Yang Earth, his is the Day Master, but as we are talking about a year, we can say that this is the government as they oversee what happens in the year. We can see that this Yang Earth is sitting on a Rat, in the cycle of the elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) water does not support the earth, meaning unstable waters or foundations.

The double energy of the month and year means the Day Master Earth (government/leaders) are born weak as the wood controls the earth in the controlling cycle. The hour is Yang Wood on a Tiger bringing in more wood energy, placing excessive pressure on this earth. Or lots of power and pressure on the governments and their leaders this year.

The day the year begins is dominated by the water and wood elements. In Chinese Astrology, the Water element represents money aspect to the Earth Day Master, therefore, all this water in the chart is about money. But who makes money for the governments? The people do, as we pay taxes, so you can also say that this water represents the people. In conclusion we can say that the government also wants to control the people’s money but, will find it difficult to control this money. This could also bring about an unstable stock market and rising inflation.

The strong wood on the day the year begins is liken to 4 big oak trees, stubborn, inflexible, innovative and tough. The wood element is related to the liver and in Chinese medicine, the liver is where anger, frustration, resentment and depression is stored. The expression of wood is ‘shouting’. We can say the year may bring a tsunami of frustrated and angry people putting pressure on the governments to change its ways.

The Tiger also represents a Travel Star meaning movement and travel. The people are feeling restless and need to move and travel, just like the Tiger in its natural environment. This will also trigger an influx of migration and refugees from war-torn countries.

Hidden in the Tiger is Yang Earth, Yang Wood and Yang fire. Meaning the governments and leaders have hidden competitors (yang earth- people like the day master) putting pressure on them. There is a lot of confusion as to who is giving orders and where are these orders come from. This can also spark a year of war or violence in governments, military, and authorities.

We need to ride the wave of the Yang Water; the emotion of water is fear. In the last couple of years the water was hidden, 2019 Yin Earth Pig, this is where we saw the virus first make its appearance in China in December of 2019. 2020 was Yang Metal Rat and as the Rat is the strongest water element, bought on the Covid- 19 virus. 2021 Yin Metal on an Ox. The Ox represents wet earth and is part of the water season in Chinese Astrology, which bought more unexpected viruses like Delta and Omicron. This hidden fear and our body’s immune system are all related to the water element.

2022 has arrived and Yang Water is on top for all to see. I believe that what we can see, we can have a better understanding of and tackle any obstacles if need be. Therefore, I am hopeful that there will be a better solution to the last couple of years, but with it , can bring some fear or uncertainty just like the force of the wave, but with the courage of the Tiger we can move forward and turn that anger into something constructive and invite a positive feeling of hope and joy after all the hard work that will be achieved in the year.

The metal element is missing in the year – metal is related to the vaccine, especially Yin Metal as it represents jewellery, a dagger, blade, and a needle, or a vaccine as it looks like a needle. We may see the emphasis on vaccine mandates lifting. This is evident in the UK where Boris Johnson announced recently that vaccine mandates and passports are to be lifted. Other counties that have removed restrictions are, Denmark, Spain, and Mexico, just to name a few.

When we look back in history at the Yang Water Tiger years, in 1842, American physician and pharmacist Crawford long administered an inhaled anaesthetic to facilitate a surgical procedure. In 1902 baritone which was used to treat insomnia and the oral sleeping pill was invented. The oral polio vaccine was also approved 1962. Therefore, we will see an oral treatment distributed to fight off these current viruses. In 1962 we also saw the first beta blocker to treat Angina to regulate blood flow in the heart, which went on to become the world’s bestselling drug.

The fire element is also missing in the year. As the wood element is excessively strong in the chart this year it can overpower the fire element, bringing health effects concerning the heart, blood, and eyes as they are all related to the fire element. Some of the rare side effects of the Covid- 19 vaccine are myocarditis and pericarditis, pressure or discomfort in the chest, irregular, skipped heartbeats or ‘fluttering’, just to name the common ones. Will there be a new medication this year to ease these symptoms? Just like we saw in 1962 with the invention of beta blocker to treat Angina which relates to the fire element.

2022 is a year of intelligence and intellectual abilities, its creativeness in the arts and science which is known as an Academic Star. Children born in 2022 will also have such attributes. People with such qualities are, Beethoven, Stephen King, Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Vincent Van Gogh, and Kanye West.

The Tiger being the seed of the fire element, fire representing airplanes, air travel, and rocket ships , satellites and space, there will be more innovations, advancements and even accidents in these areas. We will hear and discover unusual sightings from out of space and maybe even new galaxies or planets as technology has advanced throughout the years.

As mentioned earlier, the year the day begins has a lot of pressure on it, this pressure is also known as power, therefore, it can signal disharmony in the year especially between governments or leaders, just like we are currently witnessing between the USSR and Ukraine, hopefully it will result in a peaceful manner. If history repeats itself, we saw peaceful outcomes in 1902 between the Afrikaners and the British, 1962, the Cuban Missile Crisis between the USA and USSR and the Sino- Indian War between China and India.


Flying Stars

The central Flying Star energy of the year brings the arrival of the Star 5 into the centre. This energy is also Yang and forceful as it is in its natural home of the original natal chart of the Lo Shu. In Feng Shui, the Star 5 is associated to misfortune, difficulties, and obstacles. This

in turn is also related to bankruptcy, fatal accidents, betrayal in family, and business.

As it resides in the centre of the Lo Shu, it will affect everyone’s home and business depending on what is the central energy of your dwelling. This will be different for everyone as each dwelling is not the same. It is best to keep the centre of your home and office quiet and, avoid having deep and meaningful conversations in the centre of the home. Place metal items or a 6-metal chime in the centre of the home as a remedy for this malevolent energy this year.

As we are still in Age 8 (2004-2024) represents the youngest son, youth, and children. We may hear more incidents and misfortunes relating to children, especially the male youth.

This in turn can also affect countries that reside in the centre of the world, like Africa, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Spain, Italy, etc.


Other’s directions to be aware of is the SW representing ill Health and the NE, where the Grand Duke resides for the Year. Avoid construction, renovations and digging the earth in these sectors for the year if possible. It is best to respect this energy and keep it quiet and undisturbed. Avoid facing the NE direction so that you are not offending the Grand Duke or Tai Sui this year. Place 6 metal coins or salt water in a glass jar to weaken the energy of ill-health, especially if the SW sector is your bedroom, front door or kitchen.

The South brings in wealth and the North brings in advancements in career and schooling. If you work from home, face your desk to the south this year for financial support.

The West direction represents conflict and scandal and the NW direction represents lawsuits and or authority issues, it is recommended to place 3 bamboos in Water to weaken these directions in your home or office.

Place a fire element like a red vase, print, paper or a pillow in the East and SE to weaken the challenging energy of:

  • The Star 3 in the East can bring about conflict, and robbery.
  • The Star 4 in the SE refers to scandal, affairs, and unhealthy relationships.

Please take note, that these are just yearly guidelines as every home and business is different. When placing remedies for the year do so with caution. If you have applied Feng Shui to your home or business through a Feng Shui Master or consultant, it is best to consult your yearly updates with them or likewise you can book in a consultation with me.


Chinese Astrology

Offending the Grand Duke – People born on the day or the year of the Tiger are offending the Grand Duke this year, therefore, caution should be taken especially if you are travelling towards the SW direction this year. The SW is where the Sui Po (Year Breaker) also known where the Monkey resides on the Feng Shui compass. Carry the charm of the Pig to distract the Tiger. Tigers in their natural environment are solitary animals and will defend their home ranges (food availability) when confronted by another Tiger, triggering confrontations and arguments.

Famous people offending the Grand Duke this year are: Axl Rose, Steve Irwin, Jodie Foster, Demi Moore, Queen Elizabeth, Jon Bon Jovi, Princes Anne and Richard Branson.


Combinations with the Tiger – The Tiger and the Pig are best friends, therefore, anticipate a smoother year ahead, especially if it’s on the day you are born, as it represents you and your partner. If you do not have a partner, then anticipate a spark of a relationship this year.

The Tiger combines with the Horse and the Dog forming a Fire Trine Combination- what does Fire represent in your chart? Is it money, intelligence, resources, power, or the self?

(Contact me for a consultation to know more)


Clash- the Monkey and the Tiger are foes in Chinese Astrology, creating a Clash. A Clash brings about movement, turbulence, changes, accidents, job change, relationship challenges/changes, friendship changes, new home or school – changes.

A clash isn’t always a bad thing as it takes you out of your comfort zone and demands you make the changes in your life, especially if you’re stuck in a job or relationship that is unhealthy. Likewise, a clash can also bring about accidents ,therefore, avoid extreme sports and avoid speeding when travelling this year. Carry the charm of the Pig to distract the Tiger away from the Monkey.

If you have a Monkey in your Chinese Astrology chart, it can fall in the:

  • Day you are born,
  • Month (August 5/6 to September 5/ 6)
  • Hour (between 3-5pm) and,
  • Years (1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016).

Famous people with a Monkey in their charts are Stevie Wonder, Mark Zuckerberg, Kanye West, Helen Mirren, Tom Cruise, Albert Einstein and Michael Schumacher.


Fire Penalty- represents accidents, legal issues, extreme worry, blood circulation, eye & heart health, diabetes, anxiety, fevers, virus and to the extreme cancer. The Tiger forms a Fire Penalty this year if you have a Monkey and a Snake in your chart. To keep the Tiger tamed it is recommended to carry the pendant of the Pig.

People with a Fire Penalty in their chart this year are, Scott Morrison, Kanye West, Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfery, Beyoncé and Naomi Watts.


Romance Flower or Peach Blossom – People born on a Rabbit Day or a Rabbit year (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011) , anticipate a sociable year with the opportunity to develop friendships with the opposite sex or same sex. If you are with a special someone, then expect a more romantic year ahead.


Nobleman- Nobleman is described as ‘helpful people’. This month brings a Nobleman to people born on a Yin Metal Day or years ending with 1 (1961, 1971, 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011).

Famous Yin Metal People are, Shane Warne, Angelina Jolie, Ivanka Trump, Elle McPherson, Novak Djokovic, and Jodie Foster.

In the cycle of the elements Water supports the Wood which brings about a harmonious cycle. The year is Yang Water on Wood Tiger which in hindsight is a supporting year, but the day the year begins is all Yang with no balance on Yin to be found. It is always best to have a balance of both Yin & Yang.

This Yang energy can bring a lot of turbulence, confusion, tension  & definite changes as the Tiger is a Travel Star.

So, pack up your surfboard and get ready to ride the wave of the year, as there will be lots of changes coming in fast, so we can enjoy the Yin energy of 2023, bringing calm to the storm of 2022.


I will leave you with some quotes that stood out for me when I was writing this forecast.


Crisis brings opportunity to change- Chinese Proverb.

May we be fearless in accepting what we can change,

Fierce in changing the things we can, and faithful to our instincts for seeing the difference – Maggie Chang


Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous year of The Water Tiger.


With Gratitude

Master Tina Curro