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Commercial, Business and Office

Feng Shui in a workplace may it be an office or business, regardless of its size, small business to a multimillion dollar corporation, brings about prosperous opportunity in wealth, increase in clientele, staff, and expansion of business.

As each company is different – small business to restaurants, medical and health centres, to construction and retail stores, each consultation recommendations will vary.

The placement of manager’s office, staff offices & desks, cash registers, rooms, reception desk, for example, will enhance the prosperity of the company.

A written report based on the Flying Star of an office or business is provided with recommendations to enhance the prosperity of the company.

Prices- Starting from $1250

Commercial, Business and Office

Consultation Requirements


A4 size scaled house floor plan.


Year home was constructed.


Birthdates of occupant living in residence.


Years of major renovations & extensions.


Any previous history of home.


Year moved into residence.