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Chinese Astrology Readings

Chinese Astrology also known as Four Pillars of Destiny or Bazi is based on 8 characters depicted from your birth date – hour, day, month, and year of birth.

These 8 characters representing one of the 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water are formed into 4 pillars, once decoded life’s potentials are unveiled. It is your life’s blueprint.

“Nothing on earth or within the universe is unrelated to the five elements and Man is no exception”

– Ling Shu

Through the decoding of your Chinese Astrology an accurate evaluation of a person’s potentials, relationships, health, wealth, success, career, background, luck periods, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses can be examined. 

Your elemental horoscope, brings about more awareness of your own personal constitution and character.

Understanding your own life’s journey gives you the tools to better manage success and challenges in life.

Chinese Astrology Readings

Chinese Astrology and Life Path readings

Tina specialises in personal Chinese Astrology and Life Path readings enabling each person to understand their individual potential and how to maximise their well-being in the areas of health, wealth, relationships, career, and life.

1 hour readings  $185