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Distant Feng Shui Consultations

No Feng Shui consultants in the area and you live in a remote area?  Never fear, a Feng Shui consultation can be conducted.


Distant Feng Shui is also available and this is assessed through Google Earth

I am a big believer in being on site when I am consulting in Feng Shui as Google Earth is not always 100% to show you what the eye can always see.

Distant Feng Shui Consultations

In saying that, a client must provide internal and external photos or a video tour of the property, to assist with an accurate Feng Shui – Flying Star analysis of the property.

Some clients live remotely and paying for airfares and accommodation can add extra costs to a Feng Shui consultation.

Consultation Requirements


A4 size scaled house floor plan.


Year home was constructed.


Birthdates of occupant living in residence.


Years of major renovations & extensions.


Any previous history of home.


Year moved into residence.


Photos of interior- bedrooms, kitchen, lounge, dining and bathrooms.


External photos.