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Home, Apartments & Land

Good Feng Shui in a home or an apartment brings about prosperity in health, wealth, opportunities and career.

In all consults, the client’s best interests are at the heart and any concerns or issues discussed.

A written report based on the Flying Star of your home will be provided with recommendations to enhance the prosperity of a home and its occupants.

Placement of furniture, colours and décor is used to enhance prosperous areas of your home, likewise colour and decor is also used to remedy and cure challenging areas of a home. Colours are based on the 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water.

A follow up review either by phone, email or on-site is offered with every consultation.



Land Selection

Buying that right piece of land to build your dream home or business on, its recommended having a Feng Shui report of the land before signing that contract.

Picking that right piece of land can support you in health, wealth, and relationships. 

In a Home- placing the door in an auspicious sector can bring about wealth, and placement of bedrooms bring about health and relationships.

In a Business- placing the door and register in an auspicious sector brings about wealth and placement of office/desk brings about abundance in business.

Once land is evaluated, then design of building can be drafted to benefit from these prosperous energies.

Home, Apartment & Land

Consultation Requirements


A4 size scaled house floor plan.


Year home was constructed.


Birthdates of occupant living in residence.


Years of major renovations & extensions.


Any previous history of home.


Year moved into residence.