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Date Selection

Choose the Perfect Date for Your Special Event with Feng Shui Date Selection

Date Selection

Planning a significant event can be stressful, but choosing an auspicious date can help ensure everything goes smoothly. By selecting a date that supports you energetically, you can enhance the likelihood of a successful and harmonious outcome.

Date Selection Services for Special Events

A consultation services includes date selection for a variety of important life events, such as:

  • Marriage: Begin your marital journey on a day filled with positive energy and harmony.
  • Engagement: Choose a date that fosters love and commitment.
  • Travel: Ensure safe and pleasant journeys by traveling on auspicious dates.
  • Moving to a New House: Enter your new home with prosperity and positive vibes.
  • Opening Ceremony for a Business or Home: Launch your business or celebrate your new home on a date that invites success and fortune.
  • Signing Contracts: Select the best day for business or home agreements to ensure favourable outcomes.
  • Starting Renovations: Begin renovations on a date that promotes smooth progress and satisfactory results.
  • Digging the First Dirt to Build a Dwelling: Start your building project on a day that promises stability and success.
  • Undergoing Surgery: Schedule elective surgeries on dates that support healing and recovery.

Why Date Selection Matters

We can’t always plan for every event  however, when we do have a choice, choosing an auspicious date can bring about significant benefits. By aligning your special events with positive Feng Shui energies, you can improve your chances of a prosperous and successful outcome.

 Don’t leave your important life events to chance. Let Master Tina Curro help you choose the perfect date to ensure success and harmony. Book in to schedule your Feng Shui date selection consultation and make your special day even more memorable!

Investment: $220 AUD