OCTOBER 2020 is Yang Fire on Earth Dog month and begins on the 8th at 7:16 am

Yang Fire is like the sun, it represents Joy and is charismatic, easy to befriend and are generous.

The Earth Dog is loyal, faithful, temperamental, dogmatic, and sensitive.


In my experience, I’ve found when looking at the day, the month begins together with the hour and the year can indicate what type of energy the month brings in.

This month the day begins with all Yang elements, so if you think this month is going to quieten down than think again.  It’s an action month with a lot of activity happening, which will be fast, quick like a tsunami.

The month Is Yang Fire on an Earth Dog, the Dog is what is known as the “Gateway to Hell” in Chinese Astrology. This is where there are no saviours to help you out and therefore can cause challenging occurrences.

The year, Yang Metal and the Yang Fire in the month are also elements of destruction as the Fire melts the Metal in the 5 elements, therefore can bring about fire destructions like explosions, volcanic eruptions, and fire disasters.

The Yang Wood on the day the month begins, is also in clash with the Yang Metal in the Year therefore, bringing in unrest and global challenges.

The hour the day begins is Yang Earth on a Dragon. The Dragon in the hour together with the Monkey in the day and the Rat in the year forms a strong Water combination, therefore, anticipate unexpected Water disasters.

The Stock market is represented by the Fire Element. As there is no fire in the year to bring in joy and optimism, that little fire in the month is not very strong elementally, which can bring about more unfavourable economic downfalls and the collapse of the stock market , as the stock market does not like the Water element. An example of this is in 2008/2009 which were also Water years  (The Pig Year was 2008 and the Rat year 2009), and the stock market crashed.

As the month brings unexpected water disasters, my recommendation is to invest in a recommended water filter jug or system that eliminates metal and toxins from our tap waters, as there may be contaminants in our water systems.

We have already experienced a year like no other, and a lot of us has had to carry heavy burdens on our shoulders.

There is a saying,  ‘ It gets worse before it gets better”, so hang in their peeps and find the positives in everyday and enjoy the simple things in life as they can bring joy to your day.


If your feeling a bit flat enjoy this tune to lift your spirits as It’s Alright , let the love shine through  😊


Its Alright by East 17



The world would be a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog- M.K Clinton



In the month of October there is no Nobleman or helpful people as the Earth Dog does not possess these qualities.


Romance Flower Month-

There is no Romance Flower in the Dog Month


Clash Month

  If you have a DRAGON in your Chinese Astrology chart, it can fall in the:

– Day you are born,

-Month (April 4/5 to May 5/6),

– Hour (between7am-9am) and,

– Years (1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012).

It is recommended that you take extra care this month and carry the charm of a Rabbit as the Rabbit & the Dog are best friends in Chinese Astrology.

Combinations with the Dog-

The Dog and the Rabbit are best of friends in Chinese Astrology, therefore, anticipate a smoother month, especially if it on the Day you are born.

In your Chinese Astrology chart, who is this harmony with?   – Day is your partner, Month is your parents & career, Year is your social group and networks, Hour is children and your ideas.

The Dog also combines with the Horse and the Tiger forming a Fire Trine combination- what does Fire represent in your chart? Is it money, intelligence, resources, power, or self? (see below)



Health blog from TCM aspects for the month of October

October is symbolised by Yang Fire on Earth Dog.

Yang Fire governs the small intestine and the shoulders while the Earth Dog are the legs and feet as well as the digestive system.

Given the current lockdown restrictions, many people are working/studying at home. Sitting in front of the computer in a bad posture for extended periods of time, leads to neck & shoulder, lower back, and leg problems.

Spring represents the wood element, and its key feature is stretching out. Liver is the corresponding organ for Spring and is in charge of tendons. In order to keep well during this month, we need to stretch our body as much as we can. With that being said, yoga and Pilates are recommended for daily practice.

If you are suffering from stiff neck and shoulder or lower back pain, regular Gua Sha (Scraping) or cupping can also reduce the tension in the muscles and tendons by restoring healthy blood flow to the local area. If symptoms persist, please seek help from your health-care providers.

In addition, we need to pay attention to our digestive system this month because wood controls earth according to the relationships between the 5 elements.

Spring is a good time to detox the body which can start by avoid eating too much rich or fatty foods. Instead, we could intake more green leafy vegetables in our everyday diet. Some green smoothies are recommended. Fragrant teas such as lemon grass tea or lemon mint tea are good for this season too.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us (o3) 98904439.

For more on your health contact Dr Carrie Li at http://www.healingpond.com.au.

Always grateful for Dr Carrie Li from healing Pond Chinese Medicine.


 What do the Fire & Earth Element represent for you this month?

If you are YIN or YANG-

WOOD- the Fire is that Midas touch, your skills and talents are being seen, which can be rewarded with some extra money in the Earth element.   If Fire & Earth are an unfavourable elements, be mindful of what you say and do as it may cost you money.

FIRE– a sociable month ahead which can bring about unexpected activities.   If Fire & Earth are unfavourable, be mindful as family and friends can be a burden draining your energy.

EARTH– the Fire brings about ideas, study, improving your health and being resourceful, and the Earth brings about unexpected social engagements.  If Fire & Earth are unfavourable, be mindful of your health and thought process as family and friends can be a burden.

METAL– the Fire brings about a promotion and positive responsibilities while being very resourceful.  If Fire & Earth are unfavourable, you may feel under pressure which can affect your health.

WATER-the Fire brings about money luck and the Earth brings about an unexpected promotion.  If Fire & Earth are unfavourable elements, there may be money paying out for legal issues (e.g. parking fine, speeding fine, etc.)



The sectors that need to be looked after are:

WEST-representing ill- health & fertility- 6 coins are recommended as a cure for this direction

and the

NORTH –represents difficulty, obstacles & destructive energy- 6 metal bells or a 6-metal piped wind chime is recommended to disperse negative energy.

On a global scale the countries that lie in the WEST & NORTH of a country/state can anticipate natural & climatic disasters.

The Star 9 is the central energy, this month combining with the Yearly Star 7 which forms a partial fire destructive energy.

The West has a visiting Star 2 this month, which combines with the yearly visiting 9, and in the original Lo Shu there is a Star 7 that resides permanently. The 9 ,2 & 7 forms a strong Fire energy, therefore, take extra care of the West sector as well. This can also be on a global level the Western countries.

Take extra care if these energies fall into your bedroom, front door, or kitchen.


Happy Halloween month. Hope you can get the kids to trick or treat.    


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