Scandal, Scandal & More Scandal

I have received a lot of enquiries about the sexual abuse and bullying allegations that have been in the media this year and especially this last week, with more high-profile men in the entertainment industry and in the media, being exposed.

From Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Matt Laver – NBC Today Show host to our very own Don Burke from Burke’s Backyard, just to name the most exposed in the press.

At my annual yearly forecast of the Year of The Fire Rooster 2017 at the beginning of the year, I mentioned that this year is a Romance year as the Metal Rooster represents a “Romance Flower” or “Peach Blossom” in Chinese Metaphysics.

I also mentioned that there will be a lot of sexual abuse cases revealed, especially concerning people in power and in the entertainment industry.

The Yin Fire element represents the entertainment, media, airplanes, space the heart, blood, and the eyes.

The Metal Rooster represents fine jewellery, the pretty things, a blade- small knife, and scandal.

To understand the composition of the 5 elements in Chinese metaphysics there are 3 cycles:

  1. Producing cycle – when one element produces another. E.g., fire produces earth, earth produces metal, etc, then we have the;
  2. Weakening cycle- when an element weakens the producing element-e.g., fire weakens wood, wood weakens water, water weakens metal, etc…. and then we have the;
  3. Controlling cycle- when an element controls another element…e.g., water controls fire, metal controls wood, wood controls earth, earth controls water & fire controls metal.

This is also the power element situation, when one element is more powerful than the other.

This year the 2 elements that are represented are Yin Fire Metal Rooster… which signifies a controlling year, but also a year of disruptions and conflict as these 2 elements are not in harmony.

The Yin Fire element also represent the power element; to metal element therefore, you can say that fire is powerful people in the entertainment.

The Metal Rooster is a Romance Flower and it is a Yin element (Yin- Female, Yang – Male)

Yin also represents the female side of in the Yin/Yang symbol.

The Metal Rooster sits on the bottom of this Yin Fire element and the second half of the year is when metal season becomes stronger.

The 2nd half of the year is when most of these sexual scandals are exposed as the Fire element is weak and dying in the 2nd half of the year.

This can explain why women in the entertainment industry have exposed the powerful men in the entertainment industry and in the media, for their bullying and sexual harassments ways and are voicing their rights with #metoo campaign.

There is a saying “everything that is hidden eventually comes to the surface”

This is very accurate when the elements are in disharmony, as the clash between the elements brings issues to the surface.

The 5 Elements and their interactions are very accurate in explaining global events.

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