March 2019 is a Yin Fire on a Wood Rabbit month and begins on the 6th @ 5:11 am.

Yin Fire is like a candle, can be sensitive, gentle, easily hurt and thoughtful.

Wood Rabbit is family oriented, sincere, compassionate, and popular.

In the 5 elements of Chinese metaphysics, the Wood supports the Fire, therefore making the fire element stronger.

In the Southern Hemisphere we are now in the month of Autumn, where the season should start cooling down, but as we still have strong fire elements in the month, I cannot foresee the season cooling down, if anything we will be experiencing a warmer Autumn season.

Yin fire is like a candle or a small spark. A candle can burn a house down, a spark can burn a bush down, therefore, be aware of more fire accidents and fire disasters.

Fire is also airplanes, space, spirituality, the positive emotion is joy, and the negative emotion is anxiety. So, anticipate more people feeling anxious and expect plane delays.

Health wise for the month of March, Dr Carrie Li from Healing Pond Health Centre in Box Hill recommends;

Yin Fire is the Heart & spirit and Wood Rabbit is the liver and fingers, fine bones. In Chinese medicine, heart is the house of spirit. The relationship between liver and heart is wood generate fire. If the fire is too strong, the spirit become unsettled and present as a lot of emotional or sleep problems, e.g. angry, frustrations, insomnia etc… In order to cool the heart fire, drink enough water to hydrate the body, at the meantime a lot of red colour food is good to cool heart heat and green leafy vegetables is good for liver, e.g. watermelon, strawberry, celery, mint etc. Also, the liver oversees the tendons, thus look after the fingers and fine bone and avoid any accidents to these body parts.

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 What do the Fire & Wood Element mean for you this month?

If you are YIN or YANG-

WOOD- the fire in the month will bring about recognition cornering your skill and talents, and it’s your time to shine the wood for the month will bring about more social interactions, with family, friends, colleagues, and competitors.   If Fire or Wood is unfavourable – family, friends, colleagues can be a burden and fire can bring about harsh words, venting, and feeling exhausted.

FIRE– the fire can bring about more social interactions, with family, friends, colleagues, and competitors and the wood element brings about New ideas, study, learning and resources.… If fire is unfavourable, family, friends, colleagues, and competitors can be a burden. If wood is unfavourable, take care health wise.

EARTH-the fire can bring about new ideas, resources, study, support & inventions. The wood in the month can bring about a promotion, power and pressure.  If fire & wood are unfavourable; take extra care health wise, and be aware of any legal issues, and pressure put on you.

METAL-the fire element can bring about a promotion, management, pressure, and status, as there is extra money available for you this month as the wood is your money aspect. If wood & earth are unfavourable, be aware of any legal issues as you will be paying them out…. e.g., speeding fine, overdue notices, etc…

WATER– with fire energy on top this month, so there will be extra money available this month as the wood this month you will stand out and shine, making you a very popular person.   If fire & wood are unfavourable, be aware of what you say, and do as it can cost you money. Watch your spending as my motto is “do you need it or want it” 😊 I say this to my children all the time ….



The Flying Stars for the month of MARCH that need to be looked after are in the;

NORTHWEST -representing ill- health & fertility- 6 coins are recommended as a cure for this direction and the,

SOUTH-represents difficulty, obstacles & destructive energy- 6 metal bells or a 6-metal piped wind chime is recommended to disperse negative energy.

On a global scale the countries that lie in the Northeast & centre of a country/state can anticipate natural & climatic disasters.

Take extra care if these energies fall into your bedroom, front door, or kitchen.



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Feng Shui – Basic Principles

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Wishing you all a prosperous month
Tina Curro