The  4th  of April  we enter into the Water Dragon month  and the energy is very Yang.

The Yang Water is like an ocean, its forceful, determined, driven, detached, aggressive and will go where it needs to go.

Yang Water people like to be in charge and with fierce strength and determination will find a way to succeed.

Example of famous people born on Yang Water days are;  Bill Gates, Tom Cruise, Prince Harry, Beethoven, Dutches of Cambridge, Catherine, Warren Buffett & Sarah Paulson.

The Dragon is charismatic, egotistic, natural born leaders, impressive, energetic, helpful, and warm-hearted.

The dragon is also a mystical creature; therefore, this month can bring about spiritual insights and awareness.

This Yang Water Dragon is intelligent, courageous, honourable and can overcome obstacles that come their way.

The Dragon is also the Storage to Water (monkey, rat & dragon) therefore, indicating a strong water month. Water is the element that brings about wisdom, and intelligence, but at its most challenging times it can also bestow fear and courage.

Judy Blume an American author of children’s books once said that, “Each of us must confront our own fears, must come face to face with them. How we handle our fears will determine where we go with the rest of our lives. To experience adventure or to be limited by the fear of it.”

May the Water bring you the wisdom and the courage to conqueror your fears this month.

Elementally as it’s a strong water month we may also experience more water disasters like, floods, cyclones, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc..

A dragon rises from a small stream- Korean Proverb.


Nobleman Month-

Nobleman is described as ‘helpful people’.

  • This month there is no Nobleman.


Clash Animal

  If you have a Dog in your Chinese Astrology chart, it can fall in the:

– Day you are born,

-Month (October 8/9 to November 7,8)

– Hour (between 7pm-5pm) and,

– Years (1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018).

It is recommended that you take extra care this month and carry the charm of a Rooster as the Rooster & the Dragon are best friends in Chinese Astrology.


Self – Penalty

If you have a Dragon   in your Chinese Astrology Chart, then this month brings about and Self Penalty. What does Earth represent in your chart? Is it your money, power, recourses, intelligence, or the self-element?  (see below)

Whatever the earth represents than this will be the focus or issue.

Carry the Charm of the Rooster to combine with the Dragon.


Combinations with the Dragon-

The Dragon and the Rooster are best of friends in Chinese Astrology, therefore, anticipate a smoother month, especially if it’s on the Day you are born.

The Dragon also combines with the Monkey and the Rat forming a Water Element Trine combination- what does Wood   represent in your chart? Is it money, intelligence, resources, power, or self? (see below)

In your Chinese Astrology chart, who is this harmony with?   – Day is your partner, Month is your parents & career, Year is your social group and networks, Hour is children and your ideas.



Health blog from TCM Aspect for April 2021 

April is Yang Water on an Earth Dragon. Yang Water is the bladder & legs, and the earth Dragon is skin & chest.

As the Fire element is missing this year, the water element seems much cooler this month. The corresponding organs for the Water element in Chinese Medicine is Kidney and bladder, and kidney in charge of the lower back and legs.

To keep your health this month, you need to keep knees & feet warm. Wear covered shoes when going outdoor, foot spa before sleep etc…

Also, as the weather getting cooler, we need to pay attention to the lung health. Lung in charge of the chest and skin and prefers warmth and moist. Regular exercise is good for strengthening the lung energy; soups are good to moist the lung/skin. Steam pear, white fungus soup with carrots are some examples.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us (o3) 98904439.

For more on your health contact Dr Carrie Li at http://www.healingpond.com.au.

Always grateful for Dr Carrie Li from Healing Pond Chinese Medicine.


What do the Water & Earth Element represent for you this month?

If you are YIN or YANG-

WOOD- water is your resources, therefore a great month to learn something new, new ideas, and support is available for you, as the earth is your money aspect, so enjoy the extra cash.     If Water & Earth is an unfavourable element, be mindful as can make bad choices with your money.

FIRE– this month brings about a promotion, status, and an authoritarian role, whereas the earth element brings about a productive month.   If Water & Earth are unfavourable, be mindful of what you say and do as there may be legal or authoritarian discipline.

EARTH– the water brings in money luck and the Earth brings in a social able month with family, friends, and colleagues.   If Water & Earth are unfavourable elements, you may find yourself spending or loaning money to family or friends without any returns.

METAL– this month is your time to shine with support and new ideas coming to life. If Water & Earth are unfavourable, be careful not to exhaust yourself as your health can be compromised.

WATER– expect a very sociable month with family, friends & colleagues, as the earth element can bring on a promotion, and credibility.   If Water & Earth are unfavourable elements, there may be pressure bestowed on you by family friends and colleagues. You can say NO 😊



The sectors that need to be looked after are:

SOUTHEAST –representing ill- health & fertility- 6 coins are recommended as a cure for this direction,

and the

WEST –represents difficulty, obstacles & destructive energy- 6 metal bells or a 6-metal piped wind chime is recommended to disperse negative energy.

On a global scale the countries that lie in the SOUTHEAST & WEST of a country/state can anticipate natural & climatic disasters.

Take extra care if these energies fall into your bedroom, front door, or kitchen.



2021 Courses


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Wishing you all a prosperous month.

Wishing you all a Safe & Happy Easter

Tina Curro