The Year of the Metal Ox 2021

The Chinese follow the solar calendar, also known as the Farmers Calendar and Hsia Calendar, therefore the Chinese New Year always begins either on the 4th or 3rd of February of every year depending on the year.

Hence, The Year of The Metal Ox 2021 begins on the 3rd of February @ 11:00 PM, beginning of the spring. Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first New Moon closest to this date and therefore, celebrations will begin on the 12th of February 2021 this year to welcome in the Chinese New Year, as the new moon symbolizes new beginnings.  This is also the Chinese Spring Festival day, where Spring begins in the Northern Hemisphere, and new seedlings start sprouting and growing, therefore new beginnings evolve. The banging of the drums and firecrackers we experience on this festive day, is to disperse of the old energies of the year before and to welcome the new energies of the new year. We definitely need to disperse the Year of the Rat 2020 energies which bought about a global standstill.

That being said, we have another year of hardship, as the Ox works hard in the fields to turn over that muddy soil to plant the new seeds for the harvest to grow. There is that saying, without hard work nothing grows, but once the hard work is done then there is prosperity for all.

The Ox is a born leader, can achieve great things and is patient and dependable. They are relentless, tireless and endure hardship without complaining. People born under the sign of the Ox are truthful, sincere, kind, caring, logical, and methodical. They work hard for their security to providing for their families. They tend to be stubborn, strong minded and are not one to be told what to do. They take comfort in friends and family and is a reliable, protective, and strong companion.

The Earth Ox is also the end of Water Season or winter climate in the Solar Calendar where the snow starts to melt and turns the soil into muddy waters, therefore representing unstable earth, avalanches, mud slides, floods, unclear waters, contaminated waters, and earthquakes.

Yin Metal resembles a fine piece of jewellery, a small dagger or knife.

This fine piece of jewellery it is pretty and sparking on the outside, but tough, cold, and strong on the inside. Yin Metal people are articulate in speech, loyal, and have leadership qualities, but be aware as their words can cut you like a knife. There is a temptation for the finer things in life, and unwillingness to sacrifice their living standards even if its out of their means.

Yin Metal is always associated with beauty because it represents fair skin, teeth, bones, and an oval-shaped face.

People who are born on a Yin Metal day are; Elle MacPherson, Doris Day, Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Watts, Grace Kelly, David Letterman, Anthony Fauci, Stephen Hawking, Paul Walker, Liev Schreiber.

Yin Metal sitting on an Earth Ox, in the 5 elements, earth supports/produces metal, instigating a supportive and productive year, but don’t be fooled by this supportive relationship as there is nothing warm and joyful in these elements. Hidden in the Ox there is more Yin Earth, Yin Metal and Yin Water.

In Chinese metaphysics the fire element represents joy and confidence, as there is no fire in the year, not even on a hidden level, this can indicate another year of uncertainties, anxieties, fear, and unrest.

When looking at the monthly elements of the year, we see that most of the months in the year are that of opposing elements, therefore on a deeper level the months also bring in disharmony. An example of this is; February is Yang Metal on a Wood Tiger, March is Yin Metal on a Wood Rabbit, April is Yang Water on an Earth Dragon, May is Yin water on Fire Snake, June is Yang Wood on a Fire Horse, July is Yin Wood on an Earth Goat……

As mentioned earlier, the Oxen works hard in the fields, relentlessly and patiently ploughing through in muddy soil. The year ahead is much like the oxen, we as people will have to work hard and be patient to get through the year as there will be obstacles along the way, with hardships earning that extra dollar. Like the farmers must work hard on the land to produce a great harvest, if there is no sun (fire) to make these plants grow and the soil is not enriched with nutrients, there is a less chance for germination.

The way to plough through the year is to work hard at what you wish to achieve and like a farmer and his oxen, with patience and perseverance there will be germination of the seeds planted in 2022 when the Tiger year arrives, and the seed begins to push through the soil.

If you have projects you wish to start, a book or a course that needs to be written, skills that need to be enhanced or updated, or a new course to be learnt, learn a craft, then utilise the year to achieve these new projects to reach the ending resultant.

Let’s face it, after the year like no other with COVID-19 and isolations, grounded flights, and unrests of the Metal Rat year we are better prepared for the Metal Ox year, as we will still find ourselves with 2 feet on the ground.

In Chinese metaphysics every 60 year the energies are repeated. The last time we saw a Yin Metal Ox Year was in 1961 and before that was 1901.

When we look back at history in these years there were protest and riots circulating the world.  In 1901 there were Anti-Jesuit riots swept across Spain, students riot in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Russia, Anti-Jewish rioting breaks out in Budapest. In 1961 Civil rights movement: Freedom Rides, in U.S. history, a series of political protests segregation by Blacks and whites who rode buses together through the American South in 1961. Therefore, this year we may see more people taking to the streets protesting about human rights, may it be about the COVID-19 vaccine or restrictions and regulations imposed on the people from corporations and governments.

Metal and Earth elements also represent IT, computer, technology, internet, and robotics; therefore, we will see advancement in these sectors.

Innovations in space, IT and technology will be the focus in the Yea of the Metal Ox. The Yin Metal Ox years of 1901 and 1961 we saw advancements in space and wireless communications.

In 1091- RMS Lucania is the 1st Cunard Line ship to receive wireless radio set, Aviator Gustave Whitehead first claimed powered flight in Connecticut.

1961- Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human in space (Vostok 1), Alan Shepard becomes the 1st American is space on Mercury Redstone 3, JFK announces the Apollo program to put man on the moon.

Advancement in technology is something to look out for.



Metal represents the lungs, nose, teeth & skin. As we experienced in 2020 with Covid-19 this virus affected our breathing organs. This year we will see more health issues concerning the metal element.

Yin Metal is also a needle representing a vaccine, therefore the focus this year is about the Covid-19 vaccines. This Yin Metal sitting on an Earth Ox also known as muddy earth can also instigate that there will be uncertainties about this vaccine. This vaccine will not be the saving grace for us all as hidden in the Earth Ox is Yin Water representing the kidneys, immune system, and fertility. There are still uncertainties if this vaccine is compatible for pregnant women, people with auto immune problems, and uncertainties about fertility.

As mentioned earlier the Fire element is missing in the year, and metal needs fire to turn it into something useful. Therefore, we will see more problems with the skin, teeth, and lung issues.

The Earth Ox represent the stomach and spleen, therefore, digestion, diabetes, cysts, haemorrhoids, and to the extreme cancers will be more prominent this year, as the fire element is missing in the year making the earth element week.

Hidden the Earth Ox is Yin Water, Yin Metal, & Yin Earth, therefore the Water element is very weak this year, this is our immune system, kidneys, and reproductive organs.

The Earth element is also the main factor for viruses; therefore, we will see more strains of viruses this year. The best way to control all these symptoms is to watch your diet, exercise more and build up your immune system with antioxidants, bone broth and avoid fatty fried foods and sugars.

Furthermore, because the Fire element is missing, fire representing the heart, blood circulation, and anxiety, take extra care of these areas especially if you have weak fire in your Chinese Astrology (Bazi) Chart.

Anxiety is a main factor for mental health, so be mindful that there will be more people experiencing mental health issues. Remember to reach out when you can.

Fire needs to connect to something to ignite, as fire is missing in the year, connection between humans is also missing may it be through government restrictions, 1.5-meter distancing rule, or feeling disconnected. Try and connect to your friends, love ones and those in need in different ways, may it be through facetime, skype, zoom or social media, until we can all connect safely on a physical connection.

A good healthy diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, and a positive attitude are all great to calm the nervous system. Don’t forget to check in with your health practitioner to seek further support if needed.



Chinese Astrology



Nobleman Month-

Nobleman is described as ‘helpful people’.

  • People Born on a Year & Day of Yang Wood & Yang Earth & Yang Metal
  • Born in the Years ending with 4, 8 & 0 (1974,1978, 1980, 1984, 1998, 1990, 2004,2008, etc…)

Romance Flower or Peach Blossom Month-

If you are born in the Year or Day of a Horse, this year there is a chance of a relationship, standing out, and taking better care of yourself making you more popular.


Clash Animal

 Clashes bring about movement, turbulence, changes, accidents, job change, relationship challenges/ changes, friendship changes, new home, new school, etc.

If you have a Goat in your Chinese Astrology chart, it can fall in the:

– Day you are born,

-Month (July 6/7 to August 7/8),

– Hour (between 1pm-3pm) and,

– Years (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015).

It is recommended that you take extra care this year and carry the charm of a Rat as the Ox & the Rat are best friends in Chinese Astrology.

Penalty Animal

An Earth Penalty can instigate accidents, legal issues, extreme worry, diabetes, obesity, anorexia, growths, cysts, and event cancer.

If you have a Goat & Dog in your Chinese Astrology Chart, then this month brings about and Earth Penalty.

If earth is an unfavourable element, then avoid extreme sports, climbing mountains and take extra on the roads.

Carry the Charm of the Rat to weaken the effects.


Combinations with the Rat-

The Ox and the Rat are best of friends in Chinese Astrology, therefore, anticipate a smoother month, especially if it on the Day you are born.

The Ox also combines with the Snake and the Rooster forming a Metal Trine combination.


Feng Shui


This year the star 6 is in the centre of the Lo Shu. The Star 6 represent the Heaven trigram representing the father, military, power, strength, status, & authority.

This can bring problems to the father of the family, problems to the CEO or boss of a corporation.

The Trigram 6 is a Metal element and can indicate a sword and fighting or in battle.

Health wise it is related to the head, lungs, colon, & skin. Illness is asthma, eczema, head problems, & metal health. Therefore, we will see more health issues arising with these concerns.

The Star 2 is in the North this year, representing ill health. It is recommended to place the metal element ( 6 metal coins) to weaken this negative earth energy as metal weakens the earth in the cycle of the 5 elements.

The Star 5 is also another negative earth influence representing misfortune and obstacles. It is recommended to place a 6 metal chime to weaken the energy.

The Northeast is where the Grand Duke or Tai Sui residents for the year, it is recommended to avoid facing & disturbing the land in this sector (Place a Turtle Dragon Facing  the NE).

It is recommended to not disturb the land by digging & renovating in the North, Southeast & Northeast for the year. It is best to respect the energy by not disrupting it.

The East is the “Three Killings” or “Three Shar” energy, therefore avoid sitting with your back to the East as it can bring in bad luck.

The Star 3 relates to conflict & robbery; therefore, fire element is best to weaken this energy. Fire elements can be anything in red, orange, pink, or salmon colours.

The Star 4 brings about scandal and affairs, again we recommend a fire element in this sector of a dwelling to weaken this negative influence.

The Star 1 bring in “Achievements & Accomplishments”, a great sector to face if one is studying, writing a book, or for business.

The Star 8 is in the West bringing in a prosperous wealth energy. Another great sector to place a desk.

Be mindful there is more to the Yearly Flying Star energies. On a deeper level consideration is also placed on the original Flying Star Feng Shui horoscope of your home or building which is  taken from the construction date, direction of a dwelling, together with the occupants’ birthdates of the property.

Take caution, if unexpected occurrences happen within 24-48 hours of placing these yearly recommendations, remove and consult a Traditional Feng Shui Consultant.


2021 Courses


Classes will begin in March 2021 till December 2021.

 Saturday between 10 am- 3pm

12 classes in total

Classes are kept to a maximin of 6 and a minimum of 3.


Saturday                                              Monday

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  3. May 22nd                                          3. May 24th                                                                                                   
  4. June 5th                                     4. June 7th                                                              
  5. June 26th                                   5. June 28th                                                                 
  6. July 17th                                            6. July 19th
  7. August 7th                                         7. August 9th                    
  8. August 28th                               8. August 30th
  9. September 18th                             9. September 20th
  10. October 9th                               10. October 11th
  11. November 11th                                11. November 15th
  12. December 4th                             12. December 6th                                            


Course Cost:

$ 200 per class

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Wishing you all a Healthy & prosperous Year of The Metal Ox 2021.

Tina Curro