The month of May brings about the energy of Yin Water on a Fire Snake.

The Fire energy is here, representing joy. But be mindful this fire isn’t strong its weak, as the water weakens this fire. Therefore, this month the elements once again are conflicting and very Yin elementally.

Covid doesn’t like the Fire Element, therefore, we may see restrictions lifting on a global level, but with caution as the Fire is weak.

Yin Water is like the morning dew. They are loyal, dedicated, accommodating, delicate, moderate, and are the weakest of all the elements but the most intelligent, and full of wisdom. They are the most secretive, and the hardest element to get to know. This Yin Water will always find a way as water can wear down the earth and get out of tight situations.

Yin Water people are Elton John, Cameron Diaz, Kim Basinger, Ricky Martin, Stephan King, Prince Charles, Jay Z, Ellen DeGeneres, Jimmy Fallon, Mother Teresa.

The Snake is analytical, dangerous, seductive, charming, protective, independent, loves knowledge, clever with a cunning mind.

The day the month begins is Yin Water on an Ox day, the Month is Yin Water on a Snake, the year is Yin Metal on an Ox and the hour is Yin Earth on a Goat.

The Snake and the Ox form half a Metal Combination – (Snake, Rooster & Ox transform into Metal Combine). Therefore, the metal is strong this month as is the water element.  In the 5 elements the metal supports the water, but water also weakens the metal. Metal Element is our governments, corporations, law, military, justice system.

Water elementally travels from the peaks of the mountains, through the streams of forests, merging into our rivers and finally becoming the ocean.  Wisdom, memory, and information are stored in water as noted in the book, The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. This month can bring about hidden information that has been buried from the past. I mentioned buried as, the Goat in the hour and the Ox of the day the month begins form an Earth Clash in Chinese Astrology.

A Clash indicates a change, and I always say that a clash brings about information that is hidden, therefore secrets come to life may they be good or bad.


Just as a snake sheds its skin, we must shed our past over and over again. – Gautama Buddha


Nobleman Month-
Nobleman is described as ‘helpful people’. This month brings a Nobleman to people born;

  •  On the Day of Yin Or Yang Water
  • Years ending 2 & 3.

Travel Star or Travelling Horse-
Travel Star indicates a lot of activity, travelling, car travel, etc..
If you are born in the Year or Day of a Pig, Rabbit & Goat, the Snake is your Travel Star.

Pig Years include 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019.
Rabbit Years include 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011.
Goat Years include 1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015.

Clash Animal
If you have a Pig in your Chinese Astrology chart, it can fall in the:
– Day you are born,
-Month (November 7/8 to December 7,8)
– Hour (between 9pm-11pm) and,
– Years (1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019).
It is recommended that you take extra care this month and carry the charm of a Monkey as the Snake & the Monkey are best friends in Chinese Astrology.

Combinations with the Snake-
The Snake and the Monkey are best of friends in Chinese Astrology, therefore, anticipate a smoother month, especially if it’s on the Day you are born.

The Snake also combines with the Rooster and the Ox forming a Metal Element Trine combination- what does Metal represent in your chart? Is it money, intelligence, resources, power, or self?

In your Chinese Astrology chart, who is this harmony with?   – Day is your partner, Month is your parents & career, Year is your social group and networks, Hour is children and your ideas.



Health blog from a TCM aspect for May 2021

May month is Yin Water on a Fire Snake. Another month where the elements are not in harmony. Yin Water is the kidneys and feet. Fire snake is the face & teeth. Fire is also the heart, blood, circulation, anxiety, etc.

As the winter approaching, the Kidney energy would be weakened. Kidney in charge of lower back, knees, and feet. We have noticed more and more people suffering from lower back issues lately. Also, kidney in charge of housing the spirit during night-time and control the heart fire. If the Kidney energy is weakened, people would suffer from anxiety, insomnia etc.

In order to keep your health this month, keeping your knees and feet warm is essential. If you are suffering from anxiety and insomnia, have a foot spa half an hour before bed. You could put some cinnamon powder or ginger in the bath water. Also include bone broth in the diet to strengthen the kidney energy, or you could have some roasted cashews/ walnuts if you are vegetarian.

Start to have Vitamin D supplement is also important to keep your bone/ Kidney energy strong, especially in the Southern Hemisphere.

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The sectors that need to be looked after are:

CENTRE –representing ill- health & fertility- 6 coins are recommended as a cure for this direction,

and the

NORTHEAST –represents difficulty, obstacles & destructive energy- 6 metal bells or a 6-metal piped wind chime is recommended to disperse negative energy.

On a global scale the countries that lie in the CENTRE & NORTHEAST of a country/state can anticipate natural & climatic disasters.

Take extra care if these energies fall into your bedroom, front door, or kitchen.

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Wishing you all a prosperous month.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter
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