Period 9 (2024-2044) Energy Shift Webinar

October 24, 2023 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Zoom Webinar
Master Tina Curro
Period 9 (2024-2044) Energy Shift Webinar @ Zoom Webinar

Are you ready for energy shift to Period 9 which begins next year on the 4th of February 2024?

We are currently in  Period 8 which began back in February 2004 and is in the last stages of its 20-year time cycle.

From February 2024 in the Period 9 timeline, the Star 9  will begin its 20-year prosperous energy cycle, supporting health, fame, relationships, fertility, and wealth.

What does this mean for you & for the Feng Shui of your home or your business?

Join Master Tina Curro from Melbourne, Australia  for an insight into Period 9’s energies in the upcoming webinar.

  • What & who does Period 9 represent and how will it affect you?
  • Favourable home & business directions,
  • Taking advantage of this prosperous Period 9 energy in your home & business,
  • How does Period 9 affect our children,
  • Fire Element & Health,
  • The future outlook,
  • Popular industries,
  • General understanding of the Fire element and more…….

Whether you have had a Feng Shui Flying Star consultation in the last 20 years or you haven’t had one and are interested in taking advantage of the upcoming Period 9 energy shift, then this insightful webinar is a must.

Master Tina Curro will present this special 1.5 hour webinar via Zoom only.

Note: This workshop will be offered online via Zoom only. NO recordings will be distributed.  No refunds will be issued if you cannot make it, but you can apply your webinar fee to future consultations or workshops (expires 04/02/2024).