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Buying, Leasing and

Selling your Property

Buying or Leasing Property

Are you looking at buying or leasing that right property to bring about abundance in health, wealth, and relationships?

It is wise to have a Feng Shui analysis before you buy or lease, so you benefit from the prosperous energies of the dwelling.

If you have your heart set on a certain property and the Feng Shui is not that prosperous – then this is also achievable by renovating and using colours to the Feng Shui influences of the dwelling.


Selling your Property

Are you having difficulty in selling your property?

Are looking at maximising price and sale potential or your property?

Then a Feng Shui consultation is highly recommended.


Consultation Preparation


A4 size scaled house floor plan.


Year home was constructed.

Birth dates

Birth dates of occupants that will be living in residence.


Years of major renovations & extensions.


Any previous history of home – divorce, mortgagee sale, lawsuits, etc.