Year of The Wood Dragon 2024 Workshop

January 31, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Crystal Sereniti
98 Lara Way
Campbellfield VIC 3061
Tina Curro

Join us on wednesday 31st January 2024 at Crystal Sereniti  between 7pm-8:30pm  for an insightful journey into the energies and opportunities that The Year of the Dragon 2024 has in store for you!

Introduction to the Year of the Dragon 2024:

Understanding the energy of the Wood Dragon.

Enhancing Personal Luck:

Master Tina Curro will guide you  to align yourself with the positive energies of the year by;

  • Activating Luck Sectors in Your Home & Office:
  • Annual Global Forecast ; Gain insights into the global trends and events that may unfold in 2024.
  • Successful Industries in 2024.
  • Health Tips for the Year.
  • Your Day Master Forecast ; Personalized insights based on your Chinese Astrology (Bazi) chart, and more.

Receive a free printout of your Chinese Astrology (Bazi) chart upon ticket purchase.

Limited seats of 50 available, so don’t miss the opportunity to start your year with wisdom and foresight.